Soderlund named NASA Early Career Fellow

Krista Soderlund, a research associate with the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), has received the prestigious honor of being named a NASA Early Career Fellow.

Courtesy photo, UTIG.

Courtesy photo, UTIG.

“NASA’s Early Career Fellow award is designed to help young scientists establish their research programs. I’m honored to be selected for this award and am excited to extend our planetary fluid dynamics program at UTIG,” Dr. Soderlund said.

“In particular, this award is in conjunction with a NASA Solar System Workings grant to simulate the internal dynamics and dynamos of Uranus and Neptune,” she added.

According to a published abstract by H.D. Smith of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, the NASA Early Career Fellowship program was created in 2005 “to facilitate the integration of outstanding early career planetary science researchers into established research funding programs by providing tools and experience useful to maintain a successful research program” (Source).

The abstract also states that candidates for the fellowship must be the principal investigator or science principal investigator of a funded research proposal from one of the participating research and analysis program areas, be within seven years of earning a PhD, hold a non-tenure track position and indicate the early career candidacy when submitting the research proposal.

Once named, NASA Early Career Fellows are eligible to submit a second-step proposal that can provide start-up funds upon attainment of a tenure-track equivalent position.

“The early career fellowship program provides resources that a more established scientist would have acquired allowing the Fellow to be a better job applicant,” the abstract states.

More information about Dr. Soderlund’s research work can be found on her profile page on the UTIG website.


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